Adventure, from anywhere.

Play Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and more on a virtual tabletop with friends!

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Easy to Use

Forget importing, scaling, and cropping. All you need is our very magical markers and infinite tabletop.

Batteries Included

Prepare your character, not your computer. ToS includes everything you need to get playing.

Nothing to Install

Invite friends to your campaign by sharing a single, simple link. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Paint your own worlds

Plan meticulously or improvise on the spot - your maps will be beautiful either way.

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Play on a virtual tabletop

Shared audio, video, cursors, map editing, dice, and minis let you be together with your party, wherever you are.

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DM like you're in the same room

Straight from your imagination into a shared universe: ToS is the best way to connect with players.

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Testing soon!

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